Innovations; Transforming Lives

You took the Hippocratic oath,

We salute you.

We take the


to give you a merry time through our



We stand for YOU. We stand for:
A reinforced dimension to healthcare,
Chicken soup for every doc’s soul,
And smart healing technologies!

What is



We are a multifaceted MedTech company. We manufacture biomedical equipment with innovative designs; formulate medicines through rigorous research from allopathic, biotechnological and vedic aspects; and explore spiritual techniques of healing on different planes.

We believe…

In portable and feasible designs with effective outputs.

We relieve…

Healthcare workers and patients of end user difficulties in usage of equipment.

We perceive…

Lifetrons as a project towards transforming lives through smart treatment methods.

How do we create such


You do the math! Yes, 30 years of brainstorming and consistent will to heal better is HOW we created Lifetrons.

5 years of trying to look beyond fat books,
2 years of pondering beyond injecting into spines,
18 years of hustling to realize beyond sleeplessly treating the patients,

And 5 years of striving to get past our own expectations, is how we created these devices.

And 5 years of striving to get past our own expectations, is how we created these devices.

Dr. Kiran Kanthi, the CEO and founder of Lifetrons, is an anesthesiologist. He practiced medicine for 18 years, until one day he felt the need to do a bigger deed to the society. In the course of his medical practice, Kiran often thought how much easier and more efficient a procedure could be with some modifications and additions in the devices. Lifetrons products are brainchild of Dr. Kiran’s end-user experience and out-of-the-box thinking. Each aspect of the design is aimed at curbing the deficiencies possessed by traditional equipment. That is HOW the wonders of Lifetrons were created.

Why Lifetrons?

Global, local, and rural outreach to provide better treatment devices
Feasible and user-friendly solutions for healthcare workers
Fool-proof designs that can be customized as per user requirements
Portable products

Our Products

Aura 1.0

Bed side phototherapy device to treat jaundice in babies.


A small briefcase sized UV sterilization unit to kill pathogens.


A pinch of ‘bliss’ is all you need for a blissful tummy, mind, and heart.

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1st Floor, Siddeshwar Nilaya, Bani Oni, Station Road, Near Kalyan Jewellers Hubballi - 580020 Karnataka, India

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