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Lifetrons is a innovative MedTech Company where we innovate in creating a life saving products.

What We Do

At Lifetrons, we closely analyze the problems of traditional medical equipment and products like bulky, expensive, not easily portable, and require NICU admission. Then we integrate superior technologies to solve all these problems to make sure we save more lives everyday.

Why We Are Special?

We’re here to improve and innovate the traditional medical treatment and there are many reasons we’re special at it. Below are some of the main reasons why we’re special at it.

Eliminating Traditional Way
No More Big & Bulky Devices
Innovative Product Design
Easily Portable
About Us

Lifetrons is a place of innovation where doctors and engineers work together to craft unique and innovative products that solves problems of the traditional medical treatment as well as saves lives. We integrate technology into medical world and because of this we come up with 10 times better medical devices than traditional devices.

We’re a MedTech Company and we’re here to make a change.

A Device That Saves Babies Life from Jaundice

A bed side portable Cost-effective neonatal phototherapy unit.  It can be used in most Rural and Remote Health setup centers. First of its kind in the world market, < 3kgs, with Battery back-up. IAP/WHO prescribed Wavelength of light therapy is used in this phototherapy unit.

Aura 1.0
Bed side phototherapy device to treat jaundice in babies.
A sterilization unit to stay safe from hazardous germs and viruses
A sterilization unit to disinfect medical equipment.

Steri-lyse product is designed to fight against the germs and viruses that we cannot see yet but they’re dangerous for humans. As you know that 1000’s of people die everyday because of novel coronavirus that had effected the whole world. So, this product is designed to keep your medical equipment safe from these hazardous biological attacks.

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