Here at Lifetrons, doctors and engineers work seamlessly to bring out amazing products.


What's in a name?

Lifetrons is a compelling term coined by Sri Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, who Dr. Kiran deems as his Guru.

 The word ‘Lifetrons’ describes the “Prana”; claimed to be “subtle life force or finer-than-atomic energies”.


We work towards introducing an integrated treatment approach through revamped biomedical equipment, spiritual healing techniques, and medicinal products originated through biotechnological research in fusion with Indian vedic principles. We hustle to be accessible for treatment even in the rural most parts of the country.
We Conceptualize, Design & Develop Healthcare Devices & products which contribute towards making Healthcare sector more efficient, cost – effective and safe for Global Healthcare personnel.


We envision to become Global leaders in Healthcare Devices & Products.

Our Core Team

Lifetrons is a project being elevated every second by a team of dedicated humans with the common goal of healing the world in a smarter way! Harmonious synchronization of a group of engineers, businessmen, doctors, research scientists, and leaders is the very lubb-dub of our company.

Dr. Kiran Kanthi


Nisarg Kanthi

Director & Biotechnologist

Mayur Kanthi

Director & Researcher
Advisory Board

Vidya Kanthi

Legal Advisor

Rajendra Belgaumkar

Business Planning & Finance


CEO Sandbox Startups

Dr. Shankar Bijapur

Medical consultant

The Founder

Dr. Kiran Kanthi

Dr. Kiran R Kanthi, the owner and the Managing Director of Lifetrons Inno Equipments Private Limited, is a doctor by profession and a child at heart.

Dr. Kiran began his career as an Anaesthesiologist and General Practitioner in the year 1995 and served incessantly in the Medical field, for 18 years.

In the year 2013, he took a leap of faith and quit medical practice, with ideas in his brain and persistence in his heart. Because, he thought it was about time that he healed the society and himself better.

After years of networking with engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, and other personnel, “Lifetrons” came into existence.

Dr. Kiran went on to incubate his company in Deshpande Startups, Hubli Karnataka (Earlier Sandbox Startups) and participated in many pitches. He has won awards, presented lectures, and trained both under-graduates and post-graduates as an entrepreneur.


There’s a long way to go,

But, here are some milestones that inspired us to keep innovating!


Our product ‘Aura’ secured First Place in Startup India Karnataka Yatra, 2018 organised in association with Startup India.

At ELEVATE 2019, organized by K-Tech, Startup Karnataka and Innovate Karnataka, Lifetrons was chosen as the winner and bestowed a grant for the promising project of Aura.

Smt. Sudha Murty acknowledged our product and project concept
NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant launched our phototherapy unit 'Aura'
Dr. Narayan Murthy understanding our products and inspiring us to create more