Bed side phototherapy device to treat jaundice in babies. It is a Portable Neonatal Phototherapy Unit.

Why Choose


Weighs lesser than 3 kilograms
Cost-effective neonatal phototherapy unit
Wavelength of light as prescribed by WHO/IAP
Integrated battery back-up
First of its kind in the world
Introducing jaundice treatment without the need for NICU admissions
It can be used with ease even in the remotest health setup centers

Why We Recommend


Our product “Lifetrons Aura 1.0” a Portable Neonatal Phototherapy Unit will be solution for breaking the barrier of compulsory NICU admission, thus reaching to the remotest Rural areas of the Country for Treatment of Neonatal Jaundice.

Lifetrons Aura 1.0 will help in bringing down the cost of New Born Baby Jaundice Treatment.

Mother-Child bonding is retained leading to a healthy Baby.


Smart Technology

Programmable LED unit to set the timer with inbuilt microcontroller.

Highly compact & Portable

100mm*250mm*80mm size
Extremely compact in construction hence makes it easy to carry with a case.


As per IAP & WHO.

Energy Efficient

20 Watt
Consumes only 20 W of power & has battery backup for up to 2 hours.

Zero Maintenance

No fans and no fusing of lights.


22w / m2 / nm to 45w / m2 / nm
Reduces need for double surface therapy.

Flexible Adjustments

Height adjustment with flexible head. Highly flexible with goose neck hood - 360 degree rotation.


It is of 2 kgs. Extremely compact and highly portable.

Bed Side Mounting

Therapy can be given by Mother side maintaining Mother-Baby bonding.

LED Lifetime

Up to 50,000 hours
As certified by the manufacturer.


is one of a kind

  • Bulky
  • Costly
  • Limited mobility
  • Fixed technology
  • Bigger footprints
  • Needs to separate Mother & Baby
  • Lightweight
  • Bed mounting
  • Battery backup
  • Flexible Positioning
  • Easily Portable & Compact
  • Mother-child bonding maintained