A small briefcase sized UV sterilization unit to kill pathogens

Steri-lyse product is designed to fight against the germs and viruses that are not visible to a naked eye but are lethally harmful, if in contact.


A device to disinfect everyday use articles (for example, keys, pens, gloves, masks, food packs, fruits, etcetera) and medical instruments with ease.
Friendly interface of self-explanatory buttons
Time-efficient sterilization with time setting options
UV wavelength aptly incorporated as per medical research literature
The sterilized products will have no damage post sterilization
Dry and safe disinfection method for articles and instruments


Steri-lyse OPD Solutions is a portable sterilization unit that can be carried easily to anywhere. You can carry important and delicate medical equipment and even as delicate as papers to keep them clean and safe from dangerous viruses.

Steri-lyse Portable is a foldable unit and it is very compact to carry outside. If you’ve to carry your medical equipment outside of hospital and if you want them to be clean in the same time, well this product is for you.



Steri-lyse Cabinet is a in-house sterilization unit that can be used to sterilize items like Stethoscope, BP apparatus, Thermometers, Masks & Gloves in this COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a very useful and recommended product for all doctors and health experts to keep all their equipment free from germs and viruses without any hassle.



  • Place UV Disinfector over a single layer of objects placed flat.
  • How to set: Press switch to set for 10, 20, 30 mins with each press of switch.
  • Switch off, flip over the objects & Switch on again for 10 minutes. This ensures complete sterilization.
  • Switch off, lift UV Disinfector and remove the objects for use.
  • Fold and keep the unit in safe place.
  • Do not expose Skin & Eyes to the UV light.
  • Place the instruments to be sterlised in the tray and close the tray chamber.
  • How to set: Press switch to set for 10 mins, 20 mins or 30 mins with each press of switch.
  • Take off the objects with sterile precautions for further use. This ensures complete sterilization.
  • Please wipe off water before keeping things inside.
  • Do not expose Skin & Eyes to the UV light.

Steri-Lyse Can


Many Things